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The very instant we are born, we are presented with challenges. That is the moment where the gift of life begins for each one of us. However, it’s inevitable that soon these challenges will conflict with one another, and problems will arise as a result. In return, learning how to deal with conflict in a great number of ways is ideal. Many of our problems have an infinite number of avenues to a good solution, but the majority of us are inclined to just recognize 1 or 2. In the event that the obvious routes to a good solution do not work, a large amount of us will give up immediately. Likewise, many people have given up on creative solutions for the urban core, and deemed it futile. AfroNatomy aims to improve that by increasing the awareness factor of our readers.

Today, we do not have enough exclusive sources of information that encourage endangered black Americans to the extent that AfroNatomy will. As time goes on, AfroNatomy’s mission will adapt to the current day, however the everlasting focus here is on empowering the young urban core, and Black America with new ways to visualize urban issues in a more creative manner. Problem solving, and creative thinking will be central to most topics on this site.

AfroNatomy is in its infancy stage and is not intended to be an expert site, however, it is a site that will spark the flame in those who would have otherwise been uninformed. This is also an opportunity for you to inform us as well. Making major change in the urban community is a collective effort, and no one person, website, or organization can make that happen without the people taking initiative themselves. All people, all colors, and all viewpoints are welcome, however the main goal of this site is black empowerment.

Remembers a better black America, makes a better America…a better planet. Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you!

The ‘Fro

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